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With Love Kickstarter Campaign


"It’s been just over a year now since we started the With Love Project and to mark the year we have decided to do a Kickstarter Campaign to produce a ‘With Love’ book. We will be creating a beautifully designed limited edition hardbound book, printed in Britain on iconic GF Smith paper from Cumbria, that celebrates people who produce things with a passion and a purpose covering the backbone of Britain and featuring 40 of the most exciting makers in the UK."

We love what these guys are doing. So that's why we're supporting them, not only because we're one of the makers that's being featured, but because we believe in people doing things that they love, and doing it well. If you believe in the same thing then go ahead and help bring this wonderful book come to life. They have 40 days to reach their £13,000 goal. And what's great about this project is that they're not making any profit, they're doing it out of passion.

- Kickstarter Campaign


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Workshop Wisdom

Hiut Yearbook photographer Andrew Paynter visits artists in their workshops to glean the processes behind the creative; celebrating the maker while simultaneously flying the flag for film photography.
Follow Andrew as he guides us around the private spaces of some of the most inspiring creatives, giving us a rare opportunity to see past the work to the artist behind it.

Ally Simpson / Hiut Wearer

We care about our jeans. We care about them when we design them, when we make them and even after we ship them. We want to know their lives and wearers. Meet Ally, he climbed Slemish Mountain in his.


Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, but we like ours nice and visual. Keep tabs on our ever evolving scrapbook of favourite images from around the globe and around the web.