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Hiut Denim Open Day 2015

In 2001, the biggest denim factory in the UK closed down. 400 people lost their jobs. This all happened in our home town, Cardigan.

So we created Hiut Denim Co to get 400 people their jobs back.

We know this isn't going to be easy, so to get 400 people their jobs back we need to have ideas.

This is why we have an open day each year, to launch our new ideas to the world.

This year we had a lot to talk about.

We've collaborated with some of the most innovative companies around, because David can't beat Goliath with out a little help from his friends.

We ate delicious pizza from Bertha's Pizza.

We listened to great punk sounds from young local band 'Y Ffug'.

And it was all captured by the marvellous Jim Marsden.

You'll find the whole presentation here.


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Workshop Wisdom

Hiut Yearbook photographer Andrew Paynter visits artists in their workshops to glean the processes behind the creative; celebrating the maker while simultaneously flying the flag for film photography.
Follow Andrew as he guides us around the private spaces of some of the most inspiring creatives, giving us a rare opportunity to see past the work to the artist behind it.

Ally Simpson / Hiut Wearer

We care about our jeans. We care about them when we design them, when we make them and even after we ship them. We want to know their lives and wearers. Meet Ally, he climbed Slemish Mountain in his.


Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, but we like ours nice and visual. Keep tabs on our ever evolving scrapbook of favourite images from around the globe and around the web.